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Come Join Us


** We won the White House and Congress and need to SUPPORT our new President TRUMP**

To all Conservative voters and supporters of the Republican Party in Clay County, we have Website in hopes to re-energize the grassroots efforts.  We are starting anew to engage ALL Clay County Republicans AND Unaffiliated voters!!  To continue the push in our county AND state toward responsible spending, limited government, and lower taxes, we need to awaken the people of Clay County!!  Grassroots activity is where we can make a difference.  But it takes work which can be not only effective for the state but also REWARDING and FUN for all involved!

Firstly, come and bring friends to our monthly meetings at the Clay County Senior Center, eat together and join our meeting.  We will discuss what's happening around the county, district, and state; we will have speakers enlightening us about candidates, elected officials, and events we should support.  Next, come to Clay County govenrment meetings.  Then, become active in our DISTRICT 11 which has 16 counties in western Carolina. DIstrict meetings happen every 2nd Monday of each month usually at Ryans on Hwy 191 in Asheville at 6pm to eat then 6:30pm for the meeting. Our Congressional District 11 Chairman is Aubrey Woodard from Transylvania County.  Finally, become involved in county, district and state conventions as a delegate to have a say in the activity of Republican happenings.  We will keep you informed here on this website about what's happening.  Tune in often. Come get to know us and we can get to know YOU.... We NEED you and your help to turn Jackson County to the right....away from leftist thinking! 

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